Senior training timetable term time
Monday Session 1 Weights 4:10-5:45pm
Tuesday Session 1 Morning Ergo optional 7:15am- 8:10am
Wednesday Session 1 Boathouse 2:00-4:00pm
  Session 2 Boathouse 4:45-:6:00pm
Thursday Session 1 After school Weights
Friday Session 1 Boathouse 4:40-6:00pm
Saturday Session 1 Boathouse 7:30-9:30am
  Session 2 Boathouse 10:30-12:00pm



Notes: There are optional ergo sessions on Monday and Friday mornings in the Mathews room (7:15-8:10am). These are attended by about half of the squad (notably those who trial for Great Britain or those that wish to catch up on missed sessions). Attendance is not compulsory and does not affect selection.