Event: Late January: 5km ergo test capped at 26. Target score 17:45 (split 1:46.5)

Outcome: Target score must be achieved in order to progress to long distance trails.


Event: Mid/Late February: Long distance trials. 2 Day (Sat and Sunday) 5km Time trial in pairs.  Partners may be swapped on second day.

Outcome: Good performance will ensure invite to Easter spring assessments (1st week of Easter Holidays). This event is non-compulsory but would significantly improve chances of selection in the long term.


Event: Mid-March: 2k ergo at rate 28. Target 6:35 split 1:38.8.

Outcome: scores sent to GB head coach for ranking.


Event: Late March/Early April : Spring assessments held at Nottingham National water sports centre. Day 1: Race 1 in pairs Time trial; for initial Ranking.  Race two in Coxed/coxless 4s over 1500m.  Day3/4/5: continuous seat racing to rank athletes.

Outcome: Selection for Munich Junior International Regatta (1st weekend in May)


Event: Late April: Dorny Race off. 1900m Time trial at Eton Dorny. Crews proceed to A/B , C/D, E/F semi-finals . To three of each semi-final proceed to A,C,E  final (respectively) bottom 3 of each semi-final proceed to B,D,F Final.

Outcome: A/B finalists and some of C finalists receive an invite to Final Trials.


Event: May: 2k ergo test target 6:35

Outcome: Scores sent to Head Coach for Ranking.


Event: June: 2k Ergo test target 6:35

Outcome: invitation to final trials if target achieved if invitation not already received.


Event: 2nd week in July: Final trials at the National Water sport centre in Nottingham.  All crews begin with a race off over 2km (side by side) races ranked on previous results.  If the athlete has already received an invite then they will be invited to stay for the remainder of the trials. If the Athlete has not received an invite but has completed all of the criteria up until that point then the athlete will need to be amongst the top 3 race off crews (could be as many as 10).

Outcome: Selection for GB if successful.


Event: 1st weekend in August: International European competition coup De La Jeunesse (Location varies each year)

Event: 2nd/3rd weekend in August: Junior world championships (Location varies each year)