Event: Mid October: 2k Erg test at a capped rate of 24. Target score 6:50 (1:42.5)

Outcome: The top 150 athletes that break 6:55 will be selected to compete at the November Early Identification (EID) trial.


Event: Early November: Sculling time trail (invitation only on the result of October 2k ergo) held in Boston Lincolnshire over a distance of 5km.

Outcome: Possibility of invite to week long Christmas break training camp camp in Nantes.


Event: Early December: 5km ergo test rate capped at 26. Target score 17:45 (split 1:46.5)

Outcome: Scores sent to GB Head coach for initial ranking.


Event: GB Junior potential camp Nantes, France. Usually last day of term until 20th Dec (dates vary) –INVITE ONLY.