Objectives: To develop the fastest 1st VIII that can be put on the water For top KCS athletes to represent GB at international competition For all athletes – strive for improvements and learn to be independently motivated To enjoy all aspects of the sport for what it is To develop female novice rowers so that…

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Objectives: To instil within the rowers the motivation to develop good work ethics (both at rowing and study) To ensure regardless of the level of rowing ability that rowing is fun and enjoyable To continue the recent surge in success which KCS has achieved and cementing the boat club in the top tier of school…

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Objectives: To build one of the toughest and most technical competent J15 eights in the country. Have lots of fun along the journey from the winter training to summer regattas. To learn and develop as an athlete.

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Objectives: To promote rowing throughout the 4th form and encourage any keen pupils to give it a go To develop fast J14 boats for the summer regatta season To encourage athletes to take the opportunities the sport provides and to develop J14 boys into conscientious, determined athletes. To enjoy all aspects of the sport

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Representing Team GB

In the last number of years Kings has very successfully had members of the senior and J16 squads compete for Great Britain. Certain criteria must be attained in order to progress to the next stage. The following is what is required in order to compete at the junior world Championships/Coup De La Jeunesse. Athletes must…

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